Visiting Us
We'd love to meet you, so if you would like to visit a salon near you, please call us on 01225 302 105 to arrange an appointment.
Arranging an appointment is easy, and all wigs and hairpieces can be cut and styled professionally, with consultations conducted in private with discretion and great sensitivity.
We recommend two salon locations in Somerset, in Wells and Bath.
You will find that besides expert advice on all aspects of choosing a wig or hairpiece, we will be able to offer advice on how to cope with hair loss and how to approach the regrowth of hair.
Our History
Wigs Boutique recommends Frontlinestyle Boutique Salons and Spa, a company established over 60 years ago in Somerset by Frank Manning, who worked closely with the NHS to offer care and advice to client's experiencing hair loss.
Today, we continue to work closely with the NHS in Somerset and you can call us for expert advice on 01225 302 105.